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Our Team’s experience is gained from professional background, education and qualifications, skills and expertise, and demonstrated by our achievements and accomplishments.

Project Solutions

Project solutions encompass the strategies, methodologies, and tools employed to address specific challenges and achieve desired outcomes within a project. These solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of each project and are designed to effectively manage resources, mitigate risks, and deliver results.

Project Support

project support plays a vital role in facilitating the smooth execution of projects by providing administrative assistance, resource management, communication facilitation, documentation, risk management, and quality assurance. By offering comprehensive support, project support staff help our project teams stay organized, efficient, and focused on achieving their objectives.

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Cablewave Utility Services has the experience, staffing and equipment to provide timely support for any size of project.


Examination and assessment of various utility systems, such as electrical, gas, water, and telecommunications infrastructure, to ensure compliance with safety regulations, identify potential hazards or faults, and maintain optimal functionality. These inspections often include visual assessments, testing, and analysis to detect issues early, prevent accidents, and ensure the efficient operation of essential utility networks.


Damage Prevention

Our locators are well trained Damage Prevention Technicians (DPT). Increase site safety, reduce the risk of damages, and increase construction productivity!

Our DPT’s are trained to complete public, private and provide dedicated locator services. We can locate electrical, gasmain, telecommunication, sewer and water. Utilizing the latest Electromagnetic locate sets, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Units & push-camera inspection services, we arrive well prepared for any project.

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Design & Engineering

We complete municipal consent drawings, rail crossing permits & third party overhead construction plans throughout Ontario.

Our design technicians support your project from field to submission, assisting through the utility & municipal circulation and approval process.

Our staff provide expert analysis & design services utilizing the latest versions of AutoCAD spatialNET & pole modelling such as Quickpole or Spidacalc software.

Planning Excellence

Dedicated Public Locating

Offering dedicated public locating refers to a specialized service provided by companies or agencies that focus on the identification and marking of underground utilities and infrastructure in public areas. This service is carried out to prevent damage to utility lines (such as water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, and sewage) during construction, excavation, or maintenance activities.

Expedite Projects

Project Management

Offering Turn-Key construction management & network maintenance solutions from design to as built and record updates.

Our knowledgeable team has a proven record of successful projects ranging from our FTTH design and build projects to our electrical distribution rebuild projects.

Project Success

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Developed and completed utility

construction design.


Linear distance of various utility locates performed each year


Utility Pole inspections complete

1st Approach We Follow

Project Review and Data Collection

By following our project kick off guidelines and steps, project teams can begin planning and gathering the relevant project data needed for a successful utility project.

2nd Approach We Follow

Project Workflow

By following our project planning steps, project teams can systematically review project performance, identify areas for enhancement, and make informed decisions to drive success.

3rd Approach We Follow

Support & Delivery

Support and delivery involves a customer-centric strategy aimed at providing effective assistance and delivering services in a timely and satisfactory manner. We build strong relationships, foster customer loyalty, and differentiate ourselves in competitive markets by delivering exceptional support and service experiences.

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Review & Data Collection
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